About DNL Class 4 Switch

Denovolab's Class 4 Fusion is a high performance switching platform developed for both termination and origination traffic. This platform not only can handle International A-Z termination but also US domestic termatiion, as well as origination traffic.

Class 4 Fusion is the only platform that a VoIP operator will need because it is equips with :

  • Billing

  • Routing

  • Switching

  • Monitoring

  • Rate Generation

  • CDR/PCAP Backup and Archive

Users of Class 4 Fusion does not need to buy any 3rd part software because all necessary components to run a successful VoIP business is all provided for.

We write this cookbook to help our users to install and manage their own DNL Class 4 switch. We try to put as much as we know in this book without reservation. If you have any topic that you want us to write about but it is not already covered, please submit a ticket to us and we will add it asap.

This cookbook is a fast-food type of user manual for users to get started very quickly to deploy and run calls. It provide the most basic setup and some common questions we normally get asked.

However, Class 4 is a very huge platform and have more features than what we are covering here. You can check all features from our user manual at

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