Configuring SIP Registration

You can create SIP user and use this SIP user/password to authenticate your inbound traffic by adding as many SIP User and Password combination in the Ingress Trunk section:

In the "Authoized" dropdown, select "Authorized by SIP Registration."

Then, you will see the table below with one column for SIP Username and one for SIP Password. Thisis where you can create as many SIP user as you need.

Setting up a SIP Interface

The standard SIP Interface only supports IP authorization. To support SIP Registration, you need to create a new SIP Interface.

You can click on "VoIP Gateway" to do that.

By default, you would see one VoIP gateway setup with port 5060 for your SIP traffic. The default VoIP Gateway has "Require authentication" turned off, meaning that there is no need for SIP Registration.

To turn on SIP Register on any one of the Ingress trunk, you need to create another VoIP Gateway that has "Require authentication" set to "true". Here is an example how it should look:

With this configuration, your SIP client can point to the same IP but port 5080 to perform SIP registration.

Setting SIP username and password in SIP trunk does not work unless you also have a VoIP Gateway that can handle "Authorization."

What if you are getting no time out?

If your sip client is getting no response from dnl_softswitch, then, it is likely that it is firewall issue. You can use sngrep or Live Call page from UI to check the SIP register signal flow:

If you see that your SIP Register is not getting response, then you can run the following commands to open up port 5080:

firewall-cmd --add-port=5080/udp --permanent

firewall-cmd --reload

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