This is the main switch service that you need to configure for call routing. Here is how you confgure:

cd /opt/denovo_v6/dnl_softswitch/conf
vi dnl_softswitch.conf

Each one of the dnl_softswtich instance must have a unique identifier. This switch_name needs to be changed on every next switch, it can be changed on all, but it is not requirement for first one. it is because each switch on each server needs to have its unique name in order to function properly.

switch_name = class4 

This following parameter is to be changed to the ip address where database is installed:

db_host =

This needs to be changed to the ip address accessible to the UI and api ( it may be private ip if servers have private network established).

cli_listen_ip =

This needs to be changed to the ip address on which dnl_livecall is set to listen to (also can be from private ip range if there is such setup)

livecall_server_ip =

This username is also unique and needs to be changed on each additional switch. Also for this to work after change is done, new user needs to be inserted into database in the table c4_livecall_users.

livecall_login_user = class4  

After you finish configuring dnl_softswitch, you can restart it with the following command:

systemctl restart dnl_softswitch

You can check if the switch is running with the following command:

systemctl status dnl_softswitch

Then, you should check if dnl_softswitch is listening on port 5060:

netstat -anp |grep 5060

Binding dnl_softswitch to port 5060

When dnl_softswitch is first started, it does not automatically listen on port 5060 for SIP traffic. You need to configure it in the UI.

To do so, you first go to the VoIP Gateway page:

Inside VoIP Gateway, you will see the live instance of VoIP switch:

As you can see, initially, this dnl_softswitch is not having any SIP Profile.

You need to click on the + icon to add SIP Profile in order for this swtich to start listening on the defined SIP IP and port for traffic:

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