Create Routing Plan

After you create dynamic routing, you can create a routing plan. Routing plan is en encapsulation of routes based on ANI or DNIS. For example, you can have one country to route using a specific dynamic routing and another country to route using a static routing.

You can also do failover routing within routing plan. For example, if calls fail to route to a dynamic routing you can send call to anther static routing.

You can see dynamic routing and static routing as different ways of selecting vendor trunk and routing plan is a way to assign different static and dynamic routing based on ANI or DNIS of the call.

To create a routing plan, you can go to Routing > Routing Plan:

In this page, you can see the list of routing plan already created.

Then, you can click on "Create New" to create a new routing plan as shown below:

After you create a routing plan, you can click inside the routing plan and add route to it.

In this "Add Route" popup, you can specify routing type for each ANI or DNIS combination.

If you just want to simply route all traffic to one dynamic routing, you can leave ANI and DNIS empty.

After you create the route, you will see the routing rule within the routing plan:

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