Configuring DNL softswitch

The DNL softswitch reads confgiration from dnl_softswitch.conf.

You can find this file at:


Most of the configuration is pre-defined for you during the RPM install process. There are some setting you can use to define custom behaviour and we will go through them in this section.

Media IP Block

The media IPs to be blocked is defined in the spam_traffic_ip table. By default, dnl_softswitch blocks calls if it sees those IPs in the SIP INVITE ( for ingress traffic ) and SIP 200 OK ( for egress response ). If you would prefer to use whitelisting mechanism instead of the default blacklisting, you can configure as follows:

file: dnl_softswitch.conf
section: [media]
# If true, spam_traffic_ip acts as a whitelist. Otherwise as a blacklist (default)
#spam_traffic_ip_whitelist = true

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