Step by Step Guide

RPM installation guide

Step 1 ->

Get the SSH key and open the cookbook page where commands are located

Step 2 ->

Enter the commands one by one to install the switch

Step 3 ->

Open the website and do the first time setup and enter the Admin Username and Admin Password. Also, add the SIP IP and Port to complete the process

Step 4 ->

Login using the credential as Admin and start to configure the switch as required

Step 5 ->

Set the desired Landing page. This will open the same page after every login By default it is set as Dashboard or just click on Go to Landing page

Step 6 ->

Now, you can setup the logo,system configuration like Domain URL / default time zone , timeout settings for PDD and ring call duration

Also First time wizard allows default email setup for switch and LRN setting too

Step 7 ->

Switch is ready to setup Client , vendors and routing

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