Web UI

Class4 Fusion uses NGIX as the web server. You can have multiple web servers to load balance web UI access.

Here is how you install the web component in each one of your web servers:

yum install dnlv6-webbackend.noarch dnlv6-webui.x86_64

The Web component consists of Vue.js Web Ui and Python API server.

After web server is installed, you can configure the API server to connect to the database by going to the following directory:

cd /opt/denovo_v6/api_dnl

Then, you need to edit this fiel: api.ini

You then change the followign line to specify what IP or hostname to bind your API server:

api_host = localhost

You can specify to use HTTP or HTTPS with the following parameter:

api_schema = http://

You can specify the DB access with the following parameter:

db_conn_string = postgresql://webbackend@

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