Paypal Configuration

In this section, we will go through how to configure your Paypal account to work with your Class 4 installation.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Go to "My Apps & Credential"

In this section, you need to create an APP. You can crate either a Sandbox or Live APP. Sandbox will accept test account and test credit card. Live APP only accept real paypal account and real credit card.

Step 3: Fill out APP details

Step 4: Review your APP information

This Client ID and Secret should be placed inside the Paypal section like below:

Here you can select to charge the total amount that the user paid or the amount that actually got credited to your paypal account after the Paypal fee.

If you select "Enable Paypal Test Mode", Class 4 will send query to the Paypal Sandbox URL instead of the Live Paypal URL.

Step 5: Specify Webhook and select the events that Class 4 needs

In the APP setting, you also need to setup Webhook. This webhook is needed for Paypal to tell Class4 when a user has paid.

In the Paypal Webhook URL, you copy that URL.

Then, you enter that webhook URL to the following:

You can set "all" but Class 4 only expects 'PAYMENT.SALE.COMPLETED' in fact.


You must use HTTPS and a domain name when setting up webhook in Paypal. That means your Class 4 portal must be setup with a https domain url. Otherwise, Paypal will complaint the following error:

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