DeNovoLab Class 4 fusion automatically captures all PCAP and keeps it in hard disk for 7 days. You can configure the pcap capture behavior of switch by modifying the [capture] section of dnl_softswitch.conf. By default it has the following setting:

#enable_capture = yes
#enable_compress = yes
pcap_save_day = 7
#Query duration, in hour, default is 24Hours
#pcap_query_duration = 24
#pcap_dir =

Here are the meaning of each fields and you can modify them based on your needs according:

Field NameDescription


Enable switch to capture PCAP of each call. Default is "yes"


Enable switch to auto compress PCAP file. Default is "yes"


Number of days to keep pcap in disk. Default is "7"


The switch record pcap data in a per-minute file basis. However, it is likely that a call has long duration and its pcap may span across multiple per-minute file. This variable specify how far ahead the switch will look up for PCAP when a query to look for pcap for a specific call is requested.


This is the directory where you want pcap to be stored. By default, it is stored in {base dir}/dnl_softswitch/pcap

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