dnl_watchdog is a module responsible for monitoring the hardware resources for DNL Class 4 Fusion. It also provides interface for the UI to start and stop processes.

To configure the dnl_watchdog instance, you need to go to this file below:

cd /opt/denovo_v6/dnl_watchdog/conf
vi dnl_watchdog.conf

You must specify the correct IP for the database. The dnl_watchdog will publish status and events to DB so that UI can display them.

pgsql_hostaddr  ← Ip address of the database server
pgsql_user  	postgres   ← database user

The dnl_watchdog also works as a live daemon. It can take incoming requests from Ui to start or stop any DNL Class4 Fusion processes.

# Account password
# Default: none
#pgsql_pass 	password   ← If database is set to password only access then password here, and remove # from the front.

# Server binding address
# Default:
server_ip ← Ip address which is accessible to the api/ui server.

# Default: none - allow all connections
server_ip_whitelist  ← Add server ip of the api /ui server to allow connections.

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