The purpose of the dnl_livecall module is to provide a single daemons service that keep track of live calls in each softswitch instances.

In the cases you have multiple softswitch running, you still only need to install one instance of dnl_livecall module. Each softswitch module must be configured to communicate with this dnl_livecall module.

This dnl_livecall is also responsible for providing call state information to populate the call state in a softswitch that is restarting. In the case of softswitch restart, softswitch can contact dnl_livecall to populate its internal call status so that live calls can sustatin under a softswitch restart event.

Only one switch should have dnl_livecall installed.

Here is how you configure the dnl_livecall module:

cd /opt/denovo_v6/dnl_livecall/conf/
vi dnl_livecall.conf

Inside livecall.conf, you need to modify the following field to change the DB server access:

db_host =

This section is for configuring the binding IP of the dnl_livecall module:

#HA Server UDP address
ha_listen_ip = ← This needs to be changed to the IP address which is available to the other switches, api and ui. (It can be private ip if the servers have private network established)

web_listen_ip = ← Needs to be changed to the IP address same as above one.

billing_listen_ip =   ← Same as for other two.

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